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smlng fc9e1d9024 kw2xrf: set tx_power in gnrc_netdev_t
without this patch, tx_power is directly set on the device but not in
gnrc_netdev_t. Thus, calling ifconfig in shell shows tx_power always
at 0dBm, never showing the correct, current value. Additionally, it
verifies that given tx_power to be set is in valid range.
7 years ago
include everything: Remove filename from @file Doxygen command 8 years ago
Makefile Initial import of tests for kw2x radio 8 years ago
kw2xrf.c kw2xrf: set tx_power in gnrc_netdev_t 7 years ago
kw2xrf_spi.c drivers: adapted gpio_init(_x)() calls 7 years ago