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This application demonstrates the usage of the emCute (MQTT-SN) module in RIOT.


For using this example, two prerequisites have to be fullfilled:

  1. You need a running MQTT broker that supports MQTT-SN or a running MQTT-SN gateway that is connected to a running MQTT broker
  2. Your RIOT node needs to be able to speak to that broker/gateway

Setting up a broker

In general, any MQTT-SN capable broker or broker/gateway setup will do. Following a quick instruction on how-to setup the Mosquitto Real Simple Message Broker:

  1. Get the RSMB here:
git clone
  1. Go into the source folder and build the RSMB
cd mosquitto.rsmb/rsmb/src
  1. Create a config file. In this case we run the RSMB as MQTT and MQTT-SN capable broker, using port 1885 for MQTT-SN and 1886 for MQTT and enabling IPv6, so save the following to config.conf:
# add some debug output
trace_output protocol

# listen for MQTT-SN traffic on UDP port 1885
listener 1885 INADDR_ANY mqtts
  ipv6 true

# listen to MQTT connections on tcp port 1886
listener 1886 INADDR_ANY
  ipv6 true
  1. Start the broker:
./broker_mqtts config.conf

You can refer to for more configuration options.

Setting up RIOT native

When running this example under native, we must configure some global addresses, as the RSMB doesn't seems to be able to handle link-local addresses. So for a single RIOT native instance, we can do the following:

  1. Setup tap and tabbr devices using RIOT's tapsetup script:
  1. Assign a site-global prefix to the tabbr0 interface (the name could be different on OSX etc):
sudo ip a a fec0:affe::1/64 dev tapbr0
  1. Assign a site-global address with the same prefix to the RIOT native instance:
ifconfig 5 add fec0:affe::99


This example maps all available MQTT-SN functions to shell commands. Simply type help to see the available commands. The most important steps are explained below:

  • To connect to a broker, use the con command:
con fec0:affe::1 1885
  • To subscribe to a topic, run sub with the topic name as parameter, e.g.
sub hello/world
  • For publishing, use the pub command:
pub hello/world "One more beer, please."

That's it, happy publishing!