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* Copyright (C) 2014 Freie Universität Berlin
* This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU Lesser
* General Public License v2.1. See the file LICENSE in the top level
* directory for more details.
/* ***************************************************************************************************************
Module includes the interrupt vectors and start-up code.
*************************************************************************************************************** */
.extern __start_start
.extern __stack_end
.extern __fiq_handler
/* Stack Positions */
.extern __stack_usr_start
.extern __stack_abt_start
.extern __stack_und_start
.extern __stack_fiq_start
.extern __start_irq_start
.extern __start_svc_start
/* Standard definitions of Mode bits and Interrupt (I & F) flags in PSRs (program status registers) */
.set MODE_USR, 0x10 /* Normal User Mode */
.set MODE_FIQ, 0x11 /* FIQ Processing Fast Interrupts Mode */
.set MODE_IRQ, 0x12 /* IRQ Processing Standard Interrupts Mode */
.set MODE_SVC, 0x13 /* Supervisor Processing Software Interrupts Mode */
.set MODE_ABT, 0x17 /* Abort Processing memory Faults Mode */
.set MODE_UND, 0x1B /* Undefined Processing Undefined Instructions Mode */
.set MODE_SYS, 0x1F /* System Running Priviledged Operating System Tasks Mode */
.set I_BIT, 0x80 /* when I bit is set, IRQ is disabled (program status registers) */
.set F_BIT, 0x40 /* when F bit is set, FIQ is disabled (program status registers) */
/* Exception vectors and handler addresses.
It is 64 bytes and can be mapped (see documentation 1.4.2). */
.section .vectors
/* Exception Vectors */
ldr PC, Reset_Addr /* Reset */
ldr PC, Undef_Addr /* Undefined Instruction */
ldr PC, SWI_Addr /* Software Interrupt */
ldr PC, PAbt_Addr /* Prefetch Abort */
ldr PC, DAbt_Addr /* Data Abort */
nop /* Reserved Vector (holds Philips ISP checksum) */
/* see page 71 of "Insiders Guide to the Philips ARM7-Based Microcontrollers" by Trevor Martin */
/* ldr PC, [PC,#-0x0120] /* Interrupt Request Interrupt (load from VIC) */
ldr PC, IRQ_Addr /* Interrupt Request Interrupt (load from VIC) */
ldr r0, =__fiq_handler /* Fast Interrupt Request Interrupt */
ldr pc, [r0] /* jump to handler in pointer at __fiq_handler */
/* Exception vector handlers branching table */
Reset_Addr: .word Reset_Handler /* defined in this module below */
Undef_Addr: .word UNDEF_Routine /* defined in main.c */
SWI_Addr: .word ctx_switch /* defined in main.c */
PAbt_Addr: .word PABT_Routine /* defined in main.c */
DAbt_Addr: .word DABT_Routine /* defined in main.c */
IRQ_Addr: .word arm_irq_handler /* defined in main.c */
/* Begin of boot code */
.section .init
.global _startup
.func _startup
ldr pc, =Reset_Handler
/*.func Reset_Handler */
.section .init0
/* Setup a stack for each mode - note that this only sets up a usable stack
for User mode. Also each mode is setup with interrupts initially disabled. */
ldr r0, = __stack_end
msr CPSR_c, #MODE_UND|I_BIT|F_BIT /* Undefined Instruction Mode */
ldr sp, =__stack_und_start
msr CPSR_c, #MODE_ABT|I_BIT|F_BIT /* Abort Mode */
ldr sp, =__stack_abt_start
msr CPSR_c, #MODE_FIQ|I_BIT|F_BIT /* FIQ Mode */
ldr sp, =__stack_fiq_start
msr CPSR_c, #MODE_IRQ|I_BIT|F_BIT /* IRQ Mode */
ldr sp, =__stack_irq_start
msr CPSR_c, #MODE_SVC|I_BIT|F_BIT /* Supervisor Mode */
ldr sp, =__stack_svc_start
msr CPSR_c, #MODE_SYS|I_BIT|F_BIT /* User Mode */
ldr sp, =__stack_usr_start
.section .init2 /* copy .data section (Copy from ROM to RAM) */
.extern _etext
.extern _data
.extern _edata
ldr R1, =_etext
ldr R2, =_data
ldr R3, =_edata
LoopRel: cmp R2, R3
ldrlo R0, [R1], #4
strlo R0, [R2], #4
blo LoopRel
.section .init4 /* Clear .bss section (Zero init) */
.extern __bss_start
.extern __bss_end
mov R0, #0
ldr R1, =__bss_start
ldr R2, =__bss_end
LoopZI: cmp R1, R2
strlo R0, [R1], #4
blo LoopZI
/* Enter the C code */
.section .init9
bl bootloader
b kernel_init
/* Infinite Loop */
.section .fini0
__main_exit: B __main_exit