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This example enables to execute arbitrary Javascript directly from the command line on the RIOT shell.


This example is based on Jerryscript which does all the heavy lifting, providing full ECMAScript 5.1 profile on your IoT device (kudos guys!).


  • On your local board: best used with a serial communication program such minicom instead of PyTerm (see why below).

  • On a testbed: you can try it on IoT-lab. Tested and works so far on IoT-lab M3, upload and flash the .elf, ssh into the node, and script away!

  • Except in the print instruction in your script, you have to replace single brackets ' with \'.

  • Expect some issues with PyTerm which interprets by default the first ; as the end of the script command. Furthermore, if the script is long, PyTerm seems to get confused (hence the recommended use of minicom). To start playing with PyTerm, first edit ; line 256 of RIOT/dist/tools/pyterm/pyterm

How to build

Type make flash. Then use your preferred serial communication tool to land in the RIOT shell. Note: you may have to type reboot or to press RESET on the board (after the flash).

Running the example

In the RIOT shell, help will provide the list of available commands.

The script command will run the test script code that you input in the command line. Some examples of scripts you can try:

script print ('hello');
script var x = Math.sqrt (64); var txt = \'\'; while (x>1) { txt += --x + \'\\n\';} print (txt);
script var person = { fname:\'John\', lname:\'Doe\', age:25 }; var text = \'\'; var x; for (x in person) { text += person[x] + \'\\n\'; } print (text);

Remark: outside of the print command, you may have to replace single brackets ' with '.