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Jason Tran de8c3f0a85 dist/tools/jlink: remove jlink confirmation prompt 6 years ago
arduino dist: added script for merging Arduino sketches 8 years ago
cc2538-bsl add chip id for cc2538em 6 years ago
ci dist/tools/ci: Fix command output formatting of last line 6 years ago
compile_test dist/tools/compile_test: Add Python3 support 7 years ago
cppcheck dist/tools/cppcheck: suppress negatives (uninitvar) (#5807) 7 years ago
desvirt tools: desvirt: rm unused TOPO_FLE var 7 years ago
doccheck dist/tools/doccheck/ trailing space fix 8 years ago
eclipsesym Merge pull request #4330 from thomaseichinger/pr/cmdline2xml_fix 8 years ago
ethos dist: ethos: add tcp socket support 7 years ago
externc cpu/sam0: renamed sam21_common to sam0_common 7 years ago
genconfigheader dist/tools: include uname check for FreeBSD in genconfigheader 7 years ago
git dist: tools: git-cache: bump version 7 years ago
goodfet tools goodfet: directly access baudrate member 7 years ago
jlink dist/tools/jlink: remove jlink confirmation prompt 6 years ago
licenses dist/tools/licenses: add GPLv2 short pattern 7 years ago
openocd openocd: return error if flashing went wrong 7 years ago
packer doc/packer: add initial README 7 years ago
pr_check dist: tools: pr_check: adapt to RIOT CI 7 years ago
pyterm tools: pyterm: display received prompt immediately 6 years ago
release-stats dist/tools: add release stats script 6 years ago
sniffer sniffer/README: describe usage of the socket connection type 8 years ago
tapsetup native: unify and simplify usage of tapsetup script 8 years ago
teensy-loader-cli dist: add script to fetch and build teensy_loader_cli 7 years ago
testrunner dist: testrunner: optionally print traceback 7 years ago
toolchains *: remove trailing underscores from header guards 6 years ago
tunslip dist/tools/tunslip6: Do not accept null chars as printable 7 years ago
uhcpd dist/tools/uhcpd: add an option to bind to device 7 years ago
usb-serial dist: tools: let return all matches, not just the first 7 years ago
vagrant doc/vagrant: add information about changing the vagrant box 7 years ago
whitespacecheck dist: add tab test 8 years ago
Makefile dist: tools: add makefile 7 years ago tools: rm dependency to 'riot' remote 7 years ago