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Andreas "Paul" Pauli bf63e09a65 Merge pull request #4137 from haukepetersen/opt_samr21_pwm
cpu/samd21: optimized pin config for PWM driver
7 years ago
include s cpu: moved pwm_conf_[chan_]t to periph_cpu.h 8 years ago
ldscripts cpu: use cortexm common linkerscript 8 years ago
periph Merge pull request #4137 from haukepetersen/opt_samr21_pwm 7 years ago
Makefile cpu: adapted Makefiles to unified cortexm module 8 years ago
Makefile.include cpu: samd21: remove hwtimer support 8 years ago
cpu.c samd21: tidy up peripheral clocks and fix potential bugs in pwm and i2c clocks 8 years ago
lpm_arch.c everything: Remove filename from @file Doxygen command 8 years ago
vectors.c cpu/samd21: optimization of startup code 8 years ago