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Hauke Petersen 9741267d9d cpu/stm32f3: adapted UART driver 8 years ago
include cpu: s/GPIO(x,y)/GPIO_PIN(x,y)/ 8 years ago
ldscripts cpu/stm32f3: Split the RAM on STM32F334 into RAM and CCM RAM 8 years ago
periph cpu/stm32f3: adapted UART driver 8 years ago
Makefile cpu: adapted Makefiles to unified cortexm module 8 years ago
Makefile.include cpu: stm32f3: remove obsolete hwtimer support 8 years ago
cpu.c cpu/stm32f3: adapted to centralized cpu conf 8 years ago
lpm_arch.c cpu: Initial import of stm32f3 9 years ago
vectors.c cpu/stm32f3: optimization of startup code 8 years ago