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This directory contains flash & terminal-utilities for use with
the msb_av2 platform used by the FeuerWhere-Project.
Running "./pseudoterm /dev/ttyUSB1" will start the terminal-emulator,
open the specified port and reset the connected msb_av2-board.
If it receives a SIGUSR2, the terminal closes the port an waits.
On reception of a SIGUSR1, it reopens the port and resets the ARM.
"./lpc2k_pgm /dev/ttyUSB1 /path/to/firmware.ihex" will do what you
expect, but it will additionally run "killall -SIGUSR2 pseudoterm" before
anѕ "killall -SIGUSR1 pseudoterm" after flashing.
Together, the tools enable you to have a terminal connected to the board
at all times, but let you flash whenever you feel like.