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#! /usr/bin/perl
$h = '[0-9A-Fa-f]';
$n = 1;
while (<stdin>) {
next unless /^\s*$h+:\s+($h{8})/;
$data[$n++] = "0x$1";
$data[0] = $n;
#$size = $ARGV[0];
#$size =~ tr/a-z/A-Z/;
#$size .= '_SIZE';
open H, ">$ARGV[0].h" or die "unable to write boot.h\n";
print H "/* automatically generated from $ARGV[0].armasm */\n";
#print H "#define $size $n\n";
print H "extern const unsigned int ${ARGV[0]}[];\n";
close H;
open C, ">$ARGV[0].c" or die "unable to write boot.c\n";
print C "/* automatically generated from $ARGV[0].armasm */\n";
print C "#include \"$ARGV[0].h\"\n";
print C "const unsigned int ${ARGV[0]}[] = {\n";
print C "\t", join(', ', @data), "\n";
print C "};\n";
close C;