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Expected result

You should see a number of different messages, printed out on certain intervals:

msg -- 14min -- 14 ticks since -> timeout by xtimer_msg every 14 minutes sleep -- 18min -- 18 ticks since -> timeout by xtimer_usleep, every 18 minutes msg -- 3min -- 3 ticks since -> timeout by xtimer_msg, every 3 minutes sleep -- 5min -- 5 ticks since -> timeout by xtimer_usleep, every 5 minutes TICK -- 1min -> event created by aggregation counter every 1 min


This test is supposed to find out, if the xtimer behaves correctly when scheduling multiple long and short term timers. For this we schedule two 'long' and two 'mid'-term timers, while in parallel running one periodic fast timer.

The 'long' term timers are triggering every 14 and 18 min (so in this context we consider this long-term...). The mid-term timers are set to 3 and 5 minutes. Both kind of timers have one that is using xtimer_usleep and one that is using xtimer_set_msg.

The short-term timer is triggered every 50ms and is using xtimer_periodic_wakeup. Each time this timer triggers, it increments a software counter, which triggers then a message every minute. A 50ms interval should be small enough, to trigger also for 16-bit wide timers at least once in every timer period.

On each mid- and long-term timer event, the output shows also the number of fast timer (1min timer) ticks, that have been triggered since a timer was triggered last. This number should be equal to the timers interval.

For reasonable results, you should run this test at least for some hours...