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Joakim Nohlgård 89ba41c79e sys/posix: Add sys/statvfs.h 6 years ago
analog_util sys: s/adc_util/analog_util/ and added DAC mapping 7 years ago
arduino sys/arduino: Make SerialPort constructor explicit 6 years ago
auto_init sys/auto_init: add saul support for veml6070 sensor 6 years ago
base64 sys/base64: corrected output size determination 6 years ago
bitfield core: Fix/refactor function naming in core/incude/irq.h 7 years ago
cbor cbor: Packed struct to bypass unaligned stack 6 years ago
checksum tests: provide unittests for ucrc16 6 years ago
color sys/color: added RGB inversion and complementary color 7 years ago
cpp11-compat cpp11-compat: no exceptions in noexcept function 6 years ago
crypto sys: crypto: remove twofish and rc5 6 years ago
div sys/div: Add support for big 64 bit numbers 6 years ago
ecc sys/ecc/hamming256: fix variableScope 7 years ago
embunit *: remove trailing underscores from header guards 6 years ago
fmt sys: fmt: include stdio.h for mips. 6 years ago
hashes Merge pull request #6283 from OTAkeys/pr/hmac_iterative_calc 6 years ago
include Merge pull request #6689 from mali/fix_6631 6 years ago
isrpipe sys: add isrpipe 6 years ago
log sys: fix include headers guards 7 years ago
luid sys/drivers: renamed uuid module to luid 6 years ago
mineplex sys: added 5x5 font 'Mineplex' 6 years ago
net Merge pull request #6541 from brummer-simon/gnrc_tcp-cleanup 6 years ago
newlib newlib: Place newlib includes before compiler includes 6 years ago
od sys: od: Fix build on MIPS gcc. 6 years ago
oneway-malloc sys: fix include headers guards 7 years ago
phydat sys/phydat: adding illuminance unit (Lux) 7 years ago
pipe tests: adapt for arduino uno and duemilanove support 7 years ago
pm_layered sys/pm_layered: fixed doxygen group 6 years ago
posix sys/posix: Add sys/statvfs.h 6 years ago
ps ps: Add current stack pointer and start of stack to isr_stack ps output (DEVELHELP) 7 years ago
random Added random_init_by_array to tinymt32 wrapper 7 years ago
rtt_stdio rtt_stdio: update for new xtimer api 6 years ago
saul_reg sys/saul_reg: fixed return value for rm() 7 years ago
sema sys/sema: re-implement without IPC 6 years ago
seq seq: bitwise and instead of mod 7 years ago
shell Merge pull request #6591 from haukepetersen/rm_ltc4150 6 years ago
timex timex: unambiguous time conversion macros 6 years ago
trickle timex: unambiguous time conversion macros 6 years ago
uart_stdio drivers: ethos: make use of isrpipe module 6 years ago
universal_address universal_address: replaced returned literals by defined constants 7 years ago
xtimer Merge pull request #6428 from OTAkeys/fix/xtimer_mutex_infinite_loop 6 years ago
Makefile net: added emCute - introducing MQTT-SN support 6 years ago
Makefile.include gnrc_sock_udp: provide port for sock_udp 7 years ago