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Alexandre Abadie 79b2fd89bb Merge pull request #6568 from haukepetersen/opt_periph_uarttxonly
periph/uart: enable to run UART in TX only mode
6 years ago
Makefile cpu/stm32_common: Use a different module name to prevent linker races in Travis 7 years ago
cpuid.c stm32: use cpuid_address' address, not the value 7 years ago
dac.c stm32_common: add delay when turn on peripheral clock 7 years ago
flashpage.c cpu/stm32: added compile guards to flashpage.c 6 years ago
pm.c cpu: stm32f1/2/4: unify periph/pm support 6 years ago
pwm.c periph/pwm: remove pwm_(start|stop) + doc 6 years ago
rtc.c cpu/stm32_common: unified RTC driver 6 years ago
spi.c cpu/stm32*+boards: adapted to new SPI API 6 years ago
timer.c cpu/stm32_common: fixed timer speed 6 years ago
uart.c cpu/stm32_common: init RX pin only if RX is active 6 years ago