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smlng 40431fe5e3 cc2538: add feature periph_pm 6 years ago
include misc: aggregated doxygen fixes 6 years ago
ldscripts cpu/cc2538: eliminate cc2538.ld and use cortexm_base.ld instead 7 years ago
periph cc2538: fix timer_set for channel B 6 years ago
radio cpus: make use of cortexm_isr_end() 7 years ago
Makefile cpu: build cortexm vectors.c without LTO 7 years ago
Makefile.features cc2538: add feature periph_pm 6 years ago
Makefile.include cpu/cc2538: add periph/spi driver 7 years ago
cpu.c drivers/periph&cpu: add and use common periph_init() 6 years ago
doc.txt cpu/cc2538: doxgen fixes 7 years ago
vectors.c cpu/cc2538: Add RF driver 7 years ago