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Hauke Petersen 8064bd9fa9 periph/pwm: remove pwm_(start|stop) + doc
- joined start/stop and poweron/poweroff
- added general documentation
6 years ago
dist cpu/kinetis_common: added SPI scaler calc tool 6 years ago
include misc: aggregated doxygen fixes 6 years ago
ldscripts kinetis_common: use cortexm_common ldscript 8 years ago
periph periph/pwm: remove pwm_(start|stop) + doc 6 years ago
Makefile cpu/kinetis_common: moved drivers to periph subdir 7 years ago
Makefile.features cpu/kinetis: unified PM implementation 6 years ago
Makefile.include cpu/kinetis+boards: adapted to new SPI API 6 years ago
doc.txt cpu/kinetis_common: s/TIMER_DEV/TIMER_BASE/ 8 years ago
fcfield.c cpu/kinetis_common: Add __attribute__((used)) to flash configuration field 7 years ago