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René Kijewski 818d703810 Merge pull request #5004 from OlegHahm/core_kernel_macros_attributs_merge
core: merge kernel_macros.h and attributes.h into kernel_defines.h
7 years ago
arduino arduino header: fix pedantic compiler warnings 8 years ago
auto_init auto_init: Print correct SPI bus in DEBUG output 7 years ago
base64 base64: remove unused calculation in base64_encode 8 years ago
bloom sys/bloom: pass bitfield to bloom instead of allocating memory 8 years ago
cbor sys/cbor: change array initializer from const variable to #define 8 years ago
checksum sys/hashes, sys/checksum: mv fletcher* checksum 7 years ago
color color: add hex2color, color2hex, str2rgb, rgb2str 7 years ago
compat sys: compat: remove hwtimer_compat 8 years ago
cpp11-compat sys: cpp11-compat: adapt to thread.h 7 years ago
crypto Merge pull request #4787 from BytesGalore/doc_crypto_add_word_on_required_cflags 7 years ago
ecc Add 256 byte block hamming code implementation 8 years ago
embunit embUnit: simplify `strcmp()` implementation 8 years ago
fmt sys: fmt: fix includes 7 years ago
hashes hashes/sha256: add sha256-chain computation and verification functions 7 years ago
include Merge pull request #5004 from OlegHahm/core_kernel_macros_attributs_merge 7 years ago
libc/include/sys sys/libc/uio.h: added include of stdlib for size_t 8 years ago
net Merge pull request #4991 from OlegHahm/gnrc_netdev_cleanup 7 years ago
newlib sys: newlib: include fix 7 years ago
od od: piggy-back style fixes 7 years ago
phydat sys: added module for handling physical data 8 years ago
pipe core: rename tcb_t -> thread_t, move into thread.h 7 years ago
posix core: merged kernel_macros.h and attributes.h 7 years ago
ps core: rename tcb_t -> thread_t, move into thread.h 7 years ago
random sys: random: rename genrand_* to random_* 7 years ago
saul_reg sys/saul_reg: made registry a global variable 7 years ago
sema Merge pull request #4551 from authmillenon/sema/fix/post 7 years ago
seq sys/seq: Serial Number Arithmetic 8 years ago
shell shell: improved online documentation for txtsnd 7 years ago
timex timex: make timex_to_str more efficient 8 years ago
trickle debug: replace __FILE__ by RIOT_RELATIVE_FILE 8 years ago
tsrb sys: add thread-safe ringbuffer implementation 8 years ago
uart_stdio drivers: net: add ethos (ethernet over serial) driver 7 years ago
ubjson ubjson: initialize variable 8 years ago
universal_address universal_address: make size dependent on FIB size 8 years ago
Makefile ieee802154: provide general header build and read functions 7 years ago
Makefile.include Merge pull request #4332 from marshall/customSyscalls 7 years ago