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Ludwig Ortmann 4f29a7757e Merge pull request #2285 from authmillenon/pktbuf/api/use-pkt
pktbuf: port to use pkt_t instead of void*
8 years ago
arm7_common cpu: remove superfluous gettimeofday functions 9 years ago
atmega2560 cpu: added `extern "C"` to headers 9 years ago
atmega_common boards: core: cpu: drivers: sys: added missing header guards 8 years ago
cc430 Robust use of TimerA for 'hwtimer' module 9 years ago
cc2538 doc: fix doxygen group for cc2538 memory map 9 years ago
cortex-m0_common cortex-m0_common: Update crash.c with changes from Cortex-M4. 8 years ago
cortex-m3_common cortex-m3_common: Update crash.c with changes from Cortex-M4. 8 years ago
cortex-m4_common cortex-m4_common: Update crash.c author and copyright after recent changes. 8 years ago
kinetis_common cpu/kinetis_common/i2c: fix indent, trailing space 8 years ago
lpc1768 cpu/lpc1768: fixed UART PCLK selection 9 years ago
lpc2387 [SQUASH ME] lpc2387: Add missing *(data.*) to linker script. 9 years ago
mc1322x doc: add documentation for packet format in mc1322x 9 years ago
msp430-common pktbuf: port to use ng_ version 8 years ago
msp430fxyz Use TimerB for 'hwtimer' module implementation 9 years ago
native cpu/native: improve daemonization 8 years ago
nrf51822 cpu/nrf51822: use of core_panic in startup code 8 years ago
sam3x8e cpu/sam3x8e: use core_panic for fault ISRs 8 years ago
samd21 cpu/samd21/periph/i2c: fix spacing, comment length 8 years ago
stm32f0 stm32f0: Remove Doxygen from already documented functions. 8 years ago
stm32f1 Merge pull request #2323 from thomaseichinger/i2c_mutex 8 years ago
stm32f3 cpu/stm32f3: added support for stm32f334r8 8 years ago
stm32f4 core, cpu, drivers, tests: remove trailing space 8 years ago
stm32l1 cpu/stm32l1: repaired doxygen group 8 years ago
x86 doc: fix remaining doxygen warnings 9 years ago
doc.txt fix license headers in non-.c files 9 years ago