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# name of your application
APPLICATION = ccn-lite-client
# If no BOARD is found in the environment, use this default:
BOARD ?= native
# This has to be the absolute path to the RIOT base directory:
# Uncomment these lines if you want to use platform support from external
# repositories:
#RIOTCPU ?= $(CURDIR)/../../RIOT/thirdparty_cpu
#RIOTBOARD ?= $(CURDIR)/../../RIOT/thirdparty_boards
# Uncomment this to enable scheduler statistics for ps:
# If you want to use native with valgrind, you should recompile native
# with the target all-valgrind instead of all:
# make -B clean all-valgrind
# Comment this out to disable code in RIOT that does safety checking
# which is not needed in a production environment but helps in the
# development process:
# Change this to 0 show compiler invocation lines by default:
QUIET ?= 1
BOARD_INSUFFICIENT_RAM := chronos msb-430h telosb wsn430-v1_3b wsn430-v1_4 z1 redbee-econotag
# Modules to include:
USEMODULE += shell
USEMODULE += shell_commands
USEMODULE += uart0
USEMODULE += random
USEMODULE += defaulttransceiver
USEMODULE += vtimer
USEMODULE += ccn_lite
USEMODULE += ccn_lite_client
include $(RIOTBASE)/Makefile.include