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# define the cpu used by the arduino uno board
export CPU = atmega328p
USEMODULE += arduino-atmega-common
# add arduino-atmega-common include path
INCLUDES += -I$(RIOTBOARD)/arduino-atmega-common/include
# export needed for flash rule
export PORT_LINUX ?= /dev/ttyACM0
export PORT_DARWIN ?= $(firstword $(sort $(wildcard /dev/tty.usbmodem*)))
export PROGRAMMER_SPEED ?= 115200
export FFLAGS += -p m328p
# PROGRAMMER defaults to arduino which is the internal flasher via USB. Can be
# overridden for debugging (which requires changes that require to use an ISP)
export PROGRAMMER ?= arduino
include $(RIOTBOARD)/arduino-atmega-common/Makefile.include