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# define the cpu used by the stm32f4-discovery board
export CPU = stm32f4
export CPU_MODEL = stm32f415rg
# define the default port depending on the host OS
PORT_LINUX ?= /dev/ttyUSB0
PORT_DARWIN ?= $(firstword $(sort $(wildcard /dev/tty.SLAB_USBtoUART*)))
# setup serial terminal
include $(RIOTMAKE)/tools/
# st-flash
export FLASHER = st-flash
export DEBUGGER = $(RIOTBOARD)/$(BOARD)/dist/
export DEBUGSERVER = st-util
# define st-flash parameters
export OFLAGS = -O binary
export FFLAGS = write bin/$(BOARD)/$(APPLICATION).hex 0x8000000
export DEBUGGER_FLAGS = $(RIOTBOARD)/$(BOARD)/dist/gdb.conf $(BINDIR)/$(APPLICATION).elf