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Ludwig Ortmann d40b6ac5b1 native+osx makefile cleanup
* add missing $(AD) to osx $(LINK) invocation
* move osx build determination to native makefile
* move old libc test to native makefile
* set objcopy to "true" - it is superfluous for native no matter what the system is
* add some documentation to natives makefile
10 years ago
drivers add missing newlines 10 years ago
include Added the boards folder to the doxygen tree 10 years ago
Makefile removed redundant include pathes from Makefiles 10 years ago
Makefile.dep moved boards into subdirectory 10 years ago
Makefile.include native+osx makefile cleanup 10 years ago
board_config.c making include directives consistent 10 years ago
board_init.c daemonization, io socket and file redirection 10 years ago