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Martine Lenders ac7671762d Merge pull request #6778 from miri64/posix_sockets/enh/port-to-vfs 6 years ago
include Merge pull request #6066 from neiljay/pr/add_mips-pic32_mz 6 years ago
pthread doc: posix: fix doxygen complaints 6 years ago
semaphore timex: unambiguous time conversion macros 6 years ago
sockets posix_sockets: port to vfs for file descriptors 6 years ago
Makefile make: detect their module name automatically 9 years ago
doc.txt doc: fix posix wrapper documentation 8 years ago
fd.c sys: remove obsolete posix_io code 7 years ago
unistd.c posix: fix close() if fd_obj was closed already 6 years ago