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Oleg Hahm bdcf8879fd core: merged kernel_macros.h and attributes.h
Merged into new kernel_defines.h and updated all includes.
7 years ago
include sockets: add documentation about implicite binding 7 years ago
pthread core: merged kernel_macros.h and attributes.h 7 years ago
semaphore sys: posix: posix_semaphore: adapt to thread.h 7 years ago
sockets sys: random: rename genrand_* to random_* 7 years ago
Makefile make: detect their module name automatically 9 years ago
doc.txt doc: fix posix wrapper documentation 8 years ago
fd.c sys: remove obsolete posix_io code 7 years ago
unistd.c sys: posix: switch to xtimer for sleep/usleep 7 years ago