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Joakim Gebart de486ff79f k60: Initial commit of K60 CPU.
Tested on the following Freescale Kinetis K60 CPUs:

 - MK60DN512VLL10

The port should with a high probability also support the following variations of the above CPUs (untested):

 - MK60DN256VLL10

And possibly also:

 - MK60DX256VLL10
 - MK60DX512VLL10
 - MK60DN512VLQ10
 - MK60DN256VLQ10
 - MK60DX256VLQ10
 - MK60DN512VMC10
 - MK60DN256VMC10
 - MK60DX256VMC10
 - MK60DN512VMD10
 - MK60DX256VMD10
 - MK60DN256VMD10

Currently not working on the following CPUs (Missing PIT channel
chaining necessary for kinetis_common/periph/timer implementation):

 - MK60DN256ZVLL10
 - MK60DN512ZVLL10
 - MK60DX256ZVLL10
 - MK60DX512ZVLL10
 - MK60DN512ZVLQ10
 - MK60DN256ZVLQ10
 - MK60DX256ZVLQ10
 - MK60DN512ZVMC10
 - MK60DN256ZVMC10
 - MK60DX256ZVMC10
 - MK60DN512ZVMD10
 - MK60DX256ZVMD10
 - MK60DN256ZVMD10

Regarding header files from Freescale:

   dist/tools/licenses: Add Freescale CMSIS PAL license pattern

Redistribution is OK according to:

Archive copy in case the above link disappears:

Applies to:
 - MK60DZ10.h (K60 variant)
8 years ago
Makefile k60: Initial commit of K60 CPU. 8 years ago