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Oleg Hahm 60e283e6a2 pkg tlsf: add tlsf initialization function
The init function was patched out, but is actually required to compile without warnings with -pedantic enabled.

This patch also updates ccn-lite and x86 support accordingly.
8 years ago
ccn-lite ccn-lite: initial import of an example 8 years ago
cmsis-dsp pkg/cmsis-dsp: Add package for CMSIS DSP library 8 years ago
libcoap documentation: update my name (Ortmann -> Knüpfer) 8 years ago
libfixmath scripts: remove hardcoding of bash hashbang 8 years ago
micro-ecc posix: consolidate include paths 8 years ago
microcoap pkg: microcoap: add compile warning fix 8 years ago
oonf_api pkg: oonf_api: remove compilation error 8 years ago
openwsn iot-lab_M3: rename to iotlab-m3 8 years ago
relic Add a RELIC package and unit test that shows how to use it 8 years ago
tlsf pkg tlsf: add tlsf initialization function 8 years ago
wakaama wakaama: fixed errors for bootstrap mode 8 years ago
Makefile.git pkg/Makefile.{http,git}: Minor issues resolved. 9 years ago
Makefile.http pkg/Makefile.http: complete Makefile-example 9 years ago pkg: updated patching information 8 years ago Transform existing documentation for PORTING and USING to markdown 8 years ago
doc.txt doc: include package documentation 8 years ago