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* @ingroup kernel
* @{
* @file
* @author Freie Universität Berlin, Computer Systems & Telematics
* @author Kaspar Schleiser <>
#ifndef __QUEUE_H
#define __QUEUE_H
#include "queue.h"
typedef struct queue_node_t {
struct queue_node_t *next;
unsigned int data;
unsigned int priority;
} queue_node_t;
queue_node_t* queue_remove_head(queue_node_t* root);
void queue_add_tail(queue_node_t* root, queue_node_t* new_obj);
void queue_add_head(queue_node_t* root, queue_node_t* new_obj);
queue_node_t *queue_remove_head(queue_node_t* root);
void queue_priority_add(queue_node_t* root, queue_node_t* new_obj);
void queue_priority_add_generic(queue_node_t* root, queue_node_t* new_obj, int(*cmp)(queue_node_t*,queue_node_t*)) ;
void queue_remove(queue_node_t* root, queue_node_t *node);
/** @} */
#endif // __QUEUE_H