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Sebastian Meiling dd4f8f7704 Merge pull request #6975 from OTAkeys/pr/ps_schedstatistics_fix 6 years ago
arduino_hello-world sys/arduino: make arduino sketch works on avr based boards 6 years ago
bindist examples: add example for "make bindist" 7 years ago
ccn-lite-relay cppcheck: fix warning in ccn-lite example 6 years ago
default examples/default: fix schedstatistics example usage 6 years ago
dtls-echo cleanup: apply enable_debug_false.cocci to codebase (coccinelle) 6 years ago
emcute cleanup: apply remove_atoi_casts.cocci (coccinelle) 6 years ago
gcoap cleanup: apply remove_atoi_casts.cocci (coccinelle) 6 years ago
gnrc_border_router examples/gnrc_border_router: add commented lines for SLIP 6 years ago
gnrc_minimal examples/gnrc_min: remove redundant xbee config 6 years ago
gnrc_networking cleanup: apply remove_atoi_casts.cocci (coccinelle) 6 years ago
gnrc_tftp examples/gnrc_tftp: avoid to print NULL 6 years ago
hello-world documentation: update my name (Ortmann -> Knüpfer) 7 years ago
ipc_pingpong examples: add nucleo32-f031 to unsufficient memory boards 6 years ago
javascript pkg/jerryscript: update jerryscript package with the latest version (56802c22) 6 years ago
microcoap_server net: remove conn API 6 years ago
nanocoap_server Added the proper module for configuring the node as an IPv6 node. 6 years ago
posix_sockets cleanup: apply remove_atoi_casts.cocci (coccinelle) 6 years ago
riot_and_cpp tests,examples: sort BOARD_INSUFFICIENT_MEMORY alphabetically 6 years ago
saul examples: added stand-alone SAUL example 6 years ago
timer_periodic_wakeup timex: unambiguous time conversion macros 6 years ago