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Oleg Hahm 810b8d4479 Merge pull request #1210 from benpicco/fix_oonf_msba2
pkg/oonf_api: fix conflicting types on msba2
9 years ago
libcoap Fix trailing whitespaces 9 years ago
oonf_api Merge pull request #1210 from benpicco/fix_oonf_msba2 9 years ago
openwsn added iot-lab_M3 and temporarily dropped telosb support; split patch.txt 9 years ago
tlsf x86: fix download script for OSX 9 years ago
Makefile.git improve Makefile.git 9 years ago
Makefile.http Add package porting infomation 10 years ago
PORTING Update PORTING 9 years ago
USING repace project by application in documentation 9 years ago