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RIOT-2014.01 - Release Notes
RIOT is a real-time multi-threading operating system that supports a range of
devices that are typically found in the Internet of Things: from 16-bit
microcontrollers to light-weight 32-bit processors.
RIOT is based on the following design principles: energy-efficiency, real-time
capabilities, small memory footprint, modularity, and uniform API access,
independent of the underlying hardware (this API offers partial POSIX
New features
+ msg_receive() with timeout
+ LPM support for MSP430 based platforms
+ introduced a version string
Supported platforms
Additional support for the following boards:
+ TelosB
+ mbed LPC1768
Sensor drivers
+ drivers for the LM75A Digital temperature sensor and thermal watchdog
+ SRF02 and SRF08 ultrasonic range finders
Native port
+ implemented UART via I/O redirection or TCP and UNIX socket
System libraries
+ Mersenne twister pseudorandom number generator
+ crypto libraries
+ 3des
+ aes
+ rc5
+ skipjack
+ twofish
+ BSD-like package system for easy integration of external libraries
Network stack
+ port of CCN lite
+ POSIX socket wrapper
+ integration of libcoap
+ integration of OpenWSN
Further Changes
* boards and projects repositories have been integrated and are now part of
the RIOT repository itself
* full refactoring of the network stack and introducing a substructure
according to the modules' functionalities
* cleaned up Makefile system and simplified binary directory
* more documentation
* various bug fixes and cleanups
Fixed Issues from the last release
#83: Wrong byte order in sixlowpan
To our best knowledge all occurrences of wrong byte order within the 6LoWPAN
network stack are fixed now.
#132: segfault in vtimer update shortterm
The vtimer has been carefully evaluated and all known issues concerning this
module are fixed.
Known Issues
#21: Deal with stdin in bordermultiplex.c
Not all supported platforms provide a stdin in the current release.
However, the implementation of the 6LoWPAN border router won't work
without stdin.
#45: bit field order in the fcf may be wrong
The CC2420 FIFO expects the IEEE802.15.4 FCF field in reversed bit order.
This might break the implementation for other, upcoming radio
#82: Setting STATUS_REPLY_BLOCKED thread to STATUS_PENDING though it is not
handled yet
In some rare cases the status of a thread might falsely change to
#426: Interrupt handling on MSP430 is buggy
UART and timer handling is currently unstable on MSP430 based platforms
#455: sha256 is broken on MSP430
For unknown reasons sha256 calculates wrong results on MSP430 based platforms.
#495: native not float safe
When the FPU is used when an asynchronous context switch occurs, either the
stack gets corrupted or a floating point exception occurs.
#498: native is segfaulting at startup
In some cases (about 5-10%) a RIOT native process crashes with a SEGFAULT
at startup.
#499: native is segfaulting on heavy network usage
Sending more than 100 packets per second causes a SEGFAULT in RIOT native.
#505: native on FreeBSD is broken
Due to different parameter handling in FreeBSD, native is currently not
working there.
For all issues and open pull requests please check the RIOT issue tracker:
Release 2013.08
- Microkernel with a powerful messaging system
- Multi-Threading with low overhead
- an energy-efficient, real-time capable scheduler
- small memory footprint
- 6LoWPAN according to RFC 4944, RFC 6282, and RFC 6775
- TCP and UDP
- RPL according to RFC 6550 and RFC 6719
- High resolution and long-term timers
- POSIX IO and BSD socket API
- Bloom filter
- SHA256
Hardware Support
- various ARM and MSP430 MCUs
* ARM7 NXP LPC2387
* TI MSP430F1612
* TI CC430F6137
* ARM7 Freescale MC13224v (preliminary)
* ARM Cortex-M4 STM32f407vgt6 (preliminary)
* ARM Cortex-M3 STM32f103rey6 (preliminary)
- radio drivers
* TI CC1100 and CC1101
* TI CC2420
* Atmel AT86RF231
- sensor drivers
* Sensirion SHT11
* Linear Technology LT4150
More information
Mailing lists
* RIOT OS kernel developers list
* (
* RIOT OS users list
* (
* RIOT commits
* (
* Github notifications
* (
* All sources and binaries that have been developed at Freie Universität Berlin are
licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2 as published by the
Free Software Foundation.
* Some external sources, especially files developed by SICS are published under
a separate license.
All code files contain licensing information.