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Oliver Hahm ddcbd10a03 [RTC]
* added a general RTC header
* added RTC support to chronos
13 years ago
board [board/chronos/drivers/display] 13 years ago
core * hwtimer: switched to lifo 13 years ago
cpu [RTC] 13 years ago
doc * changed API for rtc 13 years ago
drivers [RTC] 13 years ago
projects [board/chronos board/msb-430h board/msba2-common drivers/cc110x_ng sys/shell 13 years ago
sys [RTC] 13 years ago
testsuite * import from old firekernel repository 13 years ago
tools * builds arm toolchain without newlib 13 years ago
.gitignore * added .gitignore to ignore binaries 13 years ago
Jamfile * have project compiled last 13 years ago
Jamrules [board/chronos/drivers/display] 13 years ago
Jamrules.common * Jamrules.common: cleanall: temporarily disable doc cleaning 13 years ago
LICENSE * import from old firekernel repository 13 years ago
README * whitespace fix 13 years ago


* All sources and binaries that have been developed at Freie Universität Berlin are
  licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 as published by the
  Free Software Foundation.
* Some external sources, especially files developed by SICS are published under
  a separate license.
All code files contain licensing information.