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Simon Gene Gottlieb 519ed7163c board/flash: changing flashrom_write signature
→ changing all flashrom_write() function to the same signature
	→ adding const keyword to signature
9 years ago
include documentation: unified descriptive text for cpu 10 years ago
Makefile make: easifier usage of module subdirectories 9 years ago
Makefile.include make: replace MAKEBASE with RIOTBASE 10 years ago
cc110x_cc430.c streamlined driver include pathes 10 years ago
cc430-adc.c remove trailing whitespace and newlines 10 years ago
cc430-gpioint.c core: prefix API functions correctly 10 years ago
cc430-rtc.c msp430: Fix variable usage in cc430-rtc.c 10 years ago
doc.txt Fixed a lot of comments by removing tabs and correcting format. 10 years ago
flashrom.c board/flash: changing flashrom_write signature 9 years ago
hwtimer_cc430.c core: removed duplicated hwtimer_arch.h 9 years ago