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Hauke Petersen 9aad0e528f cpu: cleanup unused/umimplemented isr stack code
- removed ISR_STACKSIZE define where unused (set to 0)
- removed thread_arch_isr_stack_usage(), thread_arch_isr_stack_start(),
  and/or thread_arch_isr_stack_pointer() where not implemented
6 years ago
include cpu: cleanup unused/umimplemented isr stack code 6 years ago
Makefile cpu/atmega2560: update atmega2560 CPU code to use atmega_common code 7 years ago
Makefile.include make: remove trailing slash from BINDIR variable 7 years ago
cpu.c drivers/periph&cpu: add and use common periph_init() 6 years ago
doc.txt cpu: atmega2560: Initial import 9 years ago
startup.c cpu/atmega2560/startup.c: Add __attribute__((used)) to init functions 7 years ago