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* RPL constants and prototypes
* Copyright (C) 2013 INRIA.
* This file subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU Lesser General
* Public License. See the file LICENSE in the top level directory for more
* details.
* @ingroup rpl
* @{
* @file rpl.h
* @brief RPL header
* @author Eric Engel <>
* @}
#include <string.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <vtimer.h>
#include <mutex.h>
#include <transceiver.h>
#include "sixlowpan/sixlowip.h"
#include "rpl_dodag.h"
#define CC1100_RADIO_MODE CC1100_MODE_WOR
uint8_t rpl_init(transceiver_type_t trans, uint16_t rpl_address);
void rpl_init_root(void);
rpl_of_t *rpl_get_of_for_ocp(uint16_t ocp);
void send_DIO(ipv6_addr_t *destination);
void send_DIS(ipv6_addr_t *destination);
void send_DAO(ipv6_addr_t *destination, uint8_t lifetime, bool default_lifetime, uint8_t start_index);
void send_DAO_ACK(ipv6_addr_t *destination);
void rpl_process(void);
void recv_rpl_dio(void);
void recv_rpl_dis(void);
void recv_rpl_dao(void);
void recv_rpl_dao_ack(void);
void rpl_send(ipv6_addr_t *destination, uint8_t *payload, uint16_t p_len, uint8_t next_header, void *tcp_socket);
ipv6_addr_t *rpl_get_next_hop(ipv6_addr_t *addr);
void rpl_add_routing_entry(ipv6_addr_t *addr, ipv6_addr_t *next_hop, uint16_t lifetime);
void rpl_del_routing_entry(ipv6_addr_t *addr);
rpl_routing_entry_t *rpl_find_routing_entry(ipv6_addr_t *addr);
void rpl_clear_routing_table(void);
rpl_routing_entry_t *rpl_get_routing_table(void);