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Marc Poulhiès 3bcb4e323a Bump debian package 2 years ago
Marc Poulhiès fb93bc947a
Fix path to python 2 years ago
Marc Poulhiès 2647c4c005 Add config file to load msr at boot 2 years ago
Marc Poulhiès 3a34df0a6f Initial work for creating debian package with Systemd integration 2 years ago
r4m0n 0bc27f4740 Fixed VID display bitmask. 5 years ago
r4m0n b552a5896f Adding C6 state enable/disable 5 years ago
r4m0n 79ed1fca89 Fixed lethal ^C^V untypo (forgot to change variables) 5 years ago
r4m0n 1a4bae5039 Added the togglecode.py utility; 5 years ago
Thiago Montoya 760080cf5f Initial release 5 years ago
Thiago Ramon Gonçalves Montoya 7cb6e900fc Initial commit 5 years ago