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16 lines
313 B

import portio
portio.ioperm(0x2E, 2, 1)
portio.outb_p(0x87, 0x2E)
portio.outb_p(0x01, 0x2E)
portio.outb_p(0x55, 0x2E)
portio.outb_p(0x55, 0x2E)
portio.outb_p(0x07, 0x2E)
portio.outb_p(0x03, 0x2F)
portio.outb_p(0xF0, 0x2E)
f = portio.inb_p(0x2F)
f ^= 0x08
portio.outb_p(f, 0x2F)