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# Add current directory to PATH
export PATH="$(pwd):$PATH"
# Manage the travis build
# Override the log behaviour
sed -i -e 's/^.*\(CT_LOG_ERROR\).*$/# \1 is not set/' \
-e 's/^.*\(CT_LOG_WARN\).*$/# \1 is not set/' \
-e 's/^.*\(CT_LOG_INFO\).*$/# \1 is not set/' \
-e 's/^.*\(CT_LOG_EXTRA\).*$/\1=y/' \
-e 's/^.*\(CT_LOG_ALL\).*$/# \1 is not set/' \
-e 's/^.*\(CT_LOG_DEBUG\).*$/# \1 is not set/' \
-e 's/^.*\(CT_LOG_LEVEL_MAX\).*$/\1="EXTRA"/' \
-e 's/^.*\(CT_LOG_PROGRESS_BAR\).*$/# \1 is not set/' \
-e 's/^.*\(CT_LOCAL_TARBALLS_DIR\).*$/\1="${HOME}\/src"/' \
-e 's/^.*\(CT_SAVE_TARBALLS\).*$/\1=y/' \
# Build the sample
ct-ng build.2 &
local build_pid=$!
# Start a runner task to print a "still running" line every 5 minutes
# to avoid travis to think that the build is stuck
while true
sleep 300
printf "Crosstool-NG is still running ...\r"
} &
local runner_pid=$!
# Wait for the build to finish and get the result
wait $build_pid 2>/dev/null
local result=$?
# Stop the runner task
kill $runner_pid
wait $runner_pid 2>/dev/null
# Return the result
return $result