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# Makefile for each steps
# Copyright 2006 Yann E. MORIN <>
# ----------------------------------------------------------
# This is the steps help entry
@echo ' list-steps - List all build steps'
@echo ' STOP=step - Stop the build just after this step (list with list-steps)'
@echo ' RESTART=step - Restart the build just before this step (list with list-steps)'
# ----------------------------------------------------------
# The steps list
# The _for_build steps are noop for native and cross,
# but are actual steps for canadian and cross-native.
# Please keep the last line with a '\' and keep the following empy line:
# it helps when diffing and merging.
CT_STEPS := libc_check_config \
companion_libs_for_build \
binutils_for_build \
companion_libs_for_host \
binutils_for_host \
cc_core_pass_1 \
kernel_headers \
libc_start_files \
cc_core_pass_2 \
libc \
cc_for_build \
cc_for_host \
libc_post_cc \
libelf_for_target \
binutils_for_target \
debug \
test_suite \
finish \
# Keep an empty line above this comment, so the last
# back-slash terminated line works as expected.
# Make the list available to sub-processes (scripts/ needs it)
export CT_STEPS
# Print the steps list
PHONY += list-steps
@echo 'Available build steps, in order:'
@for step in $(CT_STEPS); do \
echo " - $${step}"; \
@echo 'Use "<step>" as action to execute only that step.'
@echo 'Use "+<step>" as action to execute up to that step.'
@echo 'Use "<step>+" as action to execute from that step onward.'
# ----------------------------------------------------------
# This part deals with executing steps
$(SILENT)$(MAKE) -rf $(CT_NG) V=$(V) RESTART=$@ STOP=$@ build
$(patsubst %,+%,$(CT_STEPS)):
$(SILENT)$(MAKE) -rf $(CT_NG) V=$(V) STOP=$(patsubst +%,%,$@) build
$(patsubst %,%+,$(CT_STEPS)):
$(SILENT)$(MAKE) -rf $(CT_NG) V=$(V) RESTART=$(patsubst %+,%,$@) build