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Alexey Neyman 6 years ago
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This is a somewhat ordered TODO list:
A (slightly) ordered set of tasks for crosstool-NG. Written in a cryptic language; contact me if you want to help with any of these :)
Recurring tasks:
-- Alexey Neyman (@stilor)
- update versions for every tools...
- update and/or upgrade all samples
Non-recurring tasks:
- update newlib (for enhanced bare metal)
- try to make it generic, will help for uClibc++
- multilib
- Cygwin target (needs newlib)
- so we can build toolchains that generate code for Windows/Cygwin
- uClibc++
- see newlib, above
- uClinux
- check whether we can use newlib under uClinux (?)
[ ] FreeBSD
[ ] Use 'cc' rather than 'gcc' on the host
[ ] Detect in configure what the default value is
[ ] Allow passing via CC=... to ct-ng
[ ] Same for ar/ld/ranlib/whatever we're using
[ ] Same for other utilities (patch, python, ...)
[ ] Allow using BSD patch
[ ] Set up 3 testing VMs: plain (using clang), using default 'gcc', using 'gcc6'
[ ] GDB7.1 build fails on macOS
[ ] need 'cpp' in the list of symlinked tools
[ ] still fails at link due to multiple definitions of BC/UP/PC
[ ] create a hook for "pre-checks" for all libcs
[ ] move CT_DoMultilibList to this new hook?
[ ] go over all config options and evaluate their applicability to cross/canadian/cross-native (i.e. WANTS_STATIC_LINK does not have to test build's support for static link)
[ ] Remove per-arch patching (this makes .build/src non-sharable between builds!)
[ ] Update "Internals" chapter in the docs to match current state
[ ] Integrate openrisc support
[ ] Re-enable shared libraries - can it be done without wrapper scripts, e.g. via rpath?
[ ] 'ct-ng' source to disregard FORBID_DOWNLOADS and to avoid clobbering .build and build.log
[ ] Restore blackfin/fdpic support?
[ ] Install bash completion script - are there any default locations for it?
[ ] Do we need "HACK: we need to override SHLIB_LC from gcc/config/t-slibgcc-elf-ver" block in We do create a dummy
[ ] Follow up on -static -Wl,--dynamic-list=... weirdness
[ ]
[ ] Deduce root from the location of the script itself by default + option for multiroot selection (e.g. for SH)
[ ] Handle AT_SECURE
[ ] Handle DT_RPATH/DT_RUNPATH separately (they have different priority vs LD_LIBRARY_PATH)
[ ] Handle default ld_library_path after cache
[ ] Add optional removal of .build/src as part of build-all
[ ] Add removal of non-precious toolchains (i.e. those that are not needed for canadian)
[ ] Or remove all *when* they are no longer needed?
[ ] GMP select the right CC when not cross-compiling (
[ ] Default to arch=i686 on x86
[ ] Run ct-ng oldconfig at the start, or detect if a different version of ct-ng has been used?
[ ] Move fetching config.guess/config.sub to scripts/functions to use common wget/curl wrappers
[ ] Allow auto-update as part of the build
[ ] Do they have versions? Is it possible to request a specific version?
[ ] Separate 'make check' for companion libs and companion tools?
[ ] gettext - test internationalization
[ ] seems the DB is hardcoded into .build/<TARGET>/... location - is it possible to make it relocatable?
[ ] add passthrough to configure, for host/target
[ ] Read/spellcheck configs & scripts
[ ] 'ct-ng olddefconfig'
[ ] Install config.gen so that it is not rebuilt in the installed configurations
[ ] Install a "trap" C++ compiler as ${CT_TARGET}-g++ during pass-1/pass-2 to trap attempts to compile target code with g++ (currently glibc detects host g++ and warns that it uses g++ w/o target triplet)
[ ] Somehow it needs to be functional during the configure step - export env var while running in CT_DoExecLog with CFG level, and forward it to host compiler?
[ ] elf2flt not compatible with multiple linkers enabled in binutils (ld.bfd + - fix upstream?
[ ] Companion libs
[ ] Group options into submenus
[ ] Allow building [companion] target libs (and tools, like gdbserver or native gdb or strace) for all multilibs
[ ] Install companion libs into a multi-os-directory for the default multilib
[ ] Perhaps remove the distinction between multi_os_dir/multi_os_dir_gcc and use gcc-reported dir always, and rely on "demultilib" to combine them if possible
[ ] Check for python-devel to enable cross-gdb python bindings
[ ] Common location for sources provided by ctng -,, uclibc{,-ng} ...
[ ] CTNG_LD_IS=bfd has no effect on subsequent build steps, as each step runs in its own environment
[ ] Enable other languages in some sample(s):
[ ] Ada (?) - requires gnatbind/gnatmake on the host
[X] Seems to build
[ ] Try to run
[ ] Obj-C/C++
[X] Seems to build
[ ] Try to run - seems to crash, need to investigate
[ ] Go
[ ] Fix the build
[ ] Try to run
[ ] #516 Building with GO support fails
[ ] #521 gccgo - i586-unknown-linux-gnu - fails on missing version.go
[ ] Smoke-test test suite - whatever is supported by a particular toolchain
[ ] Compile baremetal, shared, static, static-libgcc, static-libstdc, C++, Fortran, Ada, Obj-C, Obj-C++, multilibs
[ ] Disallow libc selections that cannot handle the arch (e.g. aarch64-*-uclibc, aarch64-*-musl, ...)
[ ] Support removal of .build/<TARGET>/build after each step (to save space while compiling in a VM; and to test restartability - since this directory is lost after restart)
[ ] Configure enhancements
[ ] What is --host= in ct-ng's configure used for? should it set the default canadian cross?
[ ] CFLAGS/LDFLAGS from configure should probably be added into default build flags
[ ] Move tool checks from configure to runtime (i.e. if xz was installed after crosstool-ng, it should be usable)
[ ] Check for companion libs and allow using host's libraries for native/cross (need to check if the host has them) - but allow them to be selected for build
[ ] Merge aggregator scripts like, etc
[ ] #534 Merge gcc backends in
[ ] Currently some options (e.g. plugins) are not supported in core backend, hence aren't available on baremetal configurations
[ ] Support clang
[ ] Generate per-package version Kconfig fragments, and include them
[ ] Add a script to poll for new releases
[ ] Install a single lib/ directory with all the stuff needed - scripts, makefile fragments, etc
[ ] Separate maintainer's scripts from the scripts used by crosstool-ng itself
[ ] Commit to the new maintainer's dir
[ ] Add an ability to do a single run of or just use build-all, when the branch for separate canadian install is done
[ ] Extensibility to allow custom kernel headers and/or libc
[ ] Support elfkickers
[ ] Make cross-native toolchain non-experimental
[ ] Rework dependency order to suit xnative toolchain too
[ ] Make native/cross-native toolchain non-experimental
[ ] Pick up libc from host for native
[ ] Optimize steps to not require simple-cross for cross-native
[ ] Make supplemental commands like show-config leave .config and .build alone
[ ] Test populate script
[ ] 3rd party extensions to GCC
[ ] GHDL seems to be active and supports GCC6
[ ] COBOL? Cannot find which GCC version they need []
[ ] At the very least they have an awesome guide to GCC internals:; might just as well reference it in our docs
[ ] Modula-2 supports GCC 4.7 as the latest
[ ] Resurrect GCC4.7?
[ ] readelf: DWARF parser does not handle DW_CFA_remember_state/DW_CFA_restore_state
[ ] Support uClibc++?


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### Issue submission guidelines
See [detaled guidelines]( In short:
- Report crosstool-NG version
- Report host OS and its version
- Attach `.config` (unless the issue is not related to any configuration)
- Attach `build.log` (unless crosstool-NG fails before the build starts)


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Copyright (C) 2010 "Yann E. MORIN" <>
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO
Licensed under the GPLv2, see the file LICENSES in the top-directory of the
Licensed under the GPLv2, see the file LICENSE in the top-directory of the
sources for this package.