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Yann E. MORIN" 3bf3f54ed1 Third go at renaming patches to contain neither the package name nor the package version. 15 years ago
Yann E. MORIN" b1e693e402 Renamed all patches file names so that locales are now irrelevant to sort the files.
Removed the locale check as it is now irrelevant.
Removed the experimental binutils 2.18 is here now.
16 years ago
Yann E. MORIN" 1906cf93f8 Add the full crosstool-NG sources to the new repository of its own.
You might just say: 'Yeah! crosstool-NG's got its own repo!".
Unfortunately, that's because the previous repo got damaged beyond repair and I had no backup.
That means I'm putting backups in place in the afternoon.
That also means we've lost history... :-(
17 years ago