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Yann E. MORIN" 255ff96425 Revert changeset d341be24dc68
Arnaud LACOMBE rightly pointed out that this was done on the wrong branch.
13 years ago
ELFkickers/2.0a Add the first tool facility: sstrip. 16 years ago
binutils binutils/binutils: add patch to default emulation for mips64 13 years ago
cygwin/1.5.15-1 Third go at renaming patches to contain neither the package name nor the package version. 15 years ago
dmalloc/5.5.2 Fourth step at renaming patches: renumber all patches with a 10-step. 15 years ago
duma [debug-duma] Add latest versions 14 years ago
eglibc [libc-eglibc] Add latest version 14 years ago
gcc Revert changeset d341be24dc68 13 years ago
gdb/6.8 debug/gdb: remove old versions 14 years ago
glibc libc/glibc: add patch to ports-2.9 to fix sjlj from ARM FPU 13 years ago
gmp complibs/gmp: fix patch against 5.0.1 13 years ago
libelf complibs: update versions 13 years ago
ltrace debug/ltrace: Add support for ltrace-0.5.3 13 years ago
mpfr complibs/mpfr: add upstream patches 13 years ago
newlib libc/newlib: the m68k processor does not like unaligned 13 years ago
strace debug/strace: fix strace 4.5.19 to properly build with latest Linux kernels 13 years ago
uClibc Fix the uClibc clean-up-O_CLOEXEC-handling patch 13 years ago