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# Helper makefile which downloads (if required) and runs the GCC test suite (DejaGnu)
# Note: Before run please make sure to have your toolchain available in your path.
# Copyright 2010 DoréDevelopment
# Author: Martin Lund <>
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
# under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
# Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
# option) any later version.
# Internal configuration
TOPDIR:=$(shell pwd)
# Include default configuration
include default.cfg
# Add toolchain to path
PATH:=$(shell cd ../../bin && pwd):$(PATH)
# Select test set
ifeq ($(DG_TOOLNAME),gcc)
ifeq ($(DG_TOOLNAME),g++)
# Check that we have 'runtest' installed
RUNTEST=$(shell which runtest)
ifeq ($(RUNTEST),)
$(error "DejaGnu 'runtest' not found - please install (eg. apt-get install dejagnu)")
# Targets
all: test
@mkdir -p $@
$(LOGDIR)/site.exp: $(TOPDIR)/default.cfg $(LOGDIR)
@{ echo 'lappend boards_dir "$(LOGDIR)"'; \
echo 'set tmpdir "$(TOPDIR)"'; \
echo 'set target_alias $(TARGET)'; } > $@
$(LOGDIR)/board.exp: $(TOPDIR)/default.cfg $(LOGDIR)
@{ echo 'load_generic_config "unix"'; \
echo 'process_multilib_options ""'; \
echo 'set_board_info bmk,use_alarm 1'; \
echo 'set_board_info rsh_prog ssh'; \
echo 'set_board_info rcp_prog scp'; \
echo 'set_board_info hostname $(DG_TARGET_HOSTNAME)'; \
echo 'set_board_info username $(DG_TARGET_USERNAME)'; } > $@
# As Martin puts it:
# > The thing is that when you run 50k+ test cases the odds are that at
# > least one will fail and thus runtest basically always return an error
# > despite the fact that the test session has executed successfully.
# So just ignore any error reported by runtest
test: $(LOGDIR)/board.exp $(LOGDIR)/site.exp $(LOGDIR)
@runtest --tool $(DG_TOOLNAME) \
--srcdir $(TOPDIR)/testsuite \
--objdir $(LOGDIR) \
--outdir $(LOGDIR) \
--all \
--target $(TARGET) \
--target_board board \
GXX_UNDER_TEST=$(TARGET)-g++ || true
@printf "Result files available in '%s'\n" "$(LOGDIR)"
rm -rf $(LOGDIR)
.PHONY: config test clean