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Alexey Neyman 675f7bfa4e Remove previous patch to strace 6 years ago
binutils Add binutils 2.27 patch 6 years ago
duma/2_5_15 patches: remove obsolete D.U.M.A. patches 6 years ago
gcc Merge pull request #545 from dirkvdb/master 6 years ago
gdb Add gdb 7.12. 6 years ago
gettext Add gettext 6 years ago
glibc Fix glibc build with GCC5/6. 6 years ago
gmp patches: add patches for gmp 6 years ago
libelf patches: remove obsolete libelf patches 6 years ago
libiconv/1.14 Add gettext and libiconv as companion libs 7 years ago
libtool/2.4.6 file modes: Set files to be non-executable 7 years ago
linux Update Linux kernel patches. 6 years ago
ltrace Fix ltrace under glibc 2.24. 6 years ago
mpc/0.8.1 complibs/mpc: fix MPC 0.8.1 build with MPFR 3.0.0 13 years ago
mpfr patches: add patches for mpfr 6 years ago
ncurses/6.0 ncurses: bump to ncurses-6.0 7 years ago
newlib gcc: Support only the latest branch releases of gcc 7 years ago
strace Remove previous patch to strace 6 years ago
uClibc/ uClibc: Reduce supported versions 7 years ago
uClibc-ng Add patch for init_module/delete_module 6 years ago