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Alexey Neyman 69f95de8b0 Bump kernel versions to latest on
Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
6 years ago
arch xtensa: fix endianness support 7 years ago
binutils Pick up new revision in elf2flt 6 years ago
cc Add patches to Linaro GCC 6 years ago
companion_libs Add libiconv 1.15 6 years ago
companion_tools Rework configure logic wrt GNU autotools 6 years ago
debug Require xz to be present 6 years ago
global Detect both wget/curl and allow user to select the agent 6 years ago
kernel Bump kernel versions to latest on 6 years ago
libc Bump newlib 2.5.0 to 20170228 6 years ago
.gitignore repository: migrate old hg files over to git 9 years ago Declare BACKEND obsolete. 6 years ago binutils: cleanup ELF/FLAT/FDPIC dependencies 11 years ago config: Add config support for multiple compilers 8 years ago More garbage collection 6 years ago Rework configure logic wrt GNU autotools 6 years ago config: switch cc with libc in the config order 9 years ago Give companion tools some love. 7 years ago config: fix style issues when source-ing files 13 years ago Fix tristate Kconfig options 8 years ago libc/mingw: replace mingw32 with generic mingw 11 years ago Typos in linuxthreads/posix config values. 6 years ago Remove "pre-declaration" of config options 6 years ago all: unmark experimental features 11 years ago Fix typo in 6 years ago