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Alexey Neyman 52203df900 Fix sh4-unknown-linux-gnu sample.
The issue with this sample is that the sh4-* targets in GCC do not
implement __builtin_trap() function. Starting with release 5.1,
GCC inserts abort() calls where NULL pointers are dereferenced. The
elf/dl-conflict.c in glibc is one such place: it calls elf_machine_rela
with NULL `sym' pointer. This causes an undefined `abort' symbol to
appear in the object file and as a result, pulls in some files during
the linking of the dynamic loader that are not supposed to. Eventually,
it results in link error due to multiple definitions of _itoa and some
other symbols.

The right fix would be to implement __builtin_trap() for sh4 in GCC.
A workaround would be adding -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks to
CFLAGS-dl-conflict.c in elf/Makefile. Until either of these happens,
though, pin the GCC version to 4.9.3 - the last that did not generate
`abort' calls. Note that the version where GCC started to generate
`abort' calls is apparently different for different architectures;
the issue in [1] was reported against GCC 4.9.

  (similar issue on HP-PA which was resolved by implementing
8 years ago
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Crosstool-NG Build Status

Crosstool-NG follows the autoconf dance. So, to get you kick-started, just run:

./configure --help

If you are using a development snapshot, you'll have to create the configure script, first. Just run:


You will find the documentation in the directory docs. Here is a quick overview of what you'll find there:

  1. Table of content
  2. Introduction
  3. Installing crosstool-NG
  4. Configuring a toolchain
  5. Building the toolchain
  6. Using the toolchain
  7. Toolchain types
  8. Contributing
  9. Internals
  1. Credits
  2. Known issues
  3. Misc. tutorials

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