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Alexey Neyman 29422b2eda Disallow PPS SPE ABI
with GCC 9+ and GLIBC 2.30+, they no longer support it.

Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
3 years ago
arch Disallow PPS SPE ABI 3 years ago
binutils enable option for binutils deterministic-archives 4 years ago
cc Enable zlib companion lib if building LTO 4 years ago
comp_libs Config v2: select relevant parts of each package version 4 years ago
comp_tools Meet our new companion tool, bison 4 years ago
debug GDB 8.3+ needs IPv6 4 years ago
global move BUILD_DIR variable into Kconfig 4 years ago
kernel Add moxie architecture 5 years ago
libc Add --with-cpu= on 32-bit SPARC 3 years ago Restrict flat format to architectures that support it 5 years ago Switch gen-kconfig to new framework 6 years ago Make comp.libs use generated templates, too 6 years ago Switch gen-kconfig to new framework 6 years ago config: Show crosstool-NG version in .config 6 years ago CentOS6 cannot use newer GDB releases 4 years ago Get rid of config.gen 6 years ago Add an ability to mark a configuration as invalid 4 years ago Don't enable "shared flat" 4 years ago Also upgrade non-generated config files 6 years ago Set --with-cpu-{32,64} for multilib builds 3 years ago all: unmark experimental features 11 years ago Add config flags for omitting 'arch' and 'vendor' 5 years ago