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Alexey Neyman d573c15758 Use 'chmod a-x' instead of 'chmod -x'
There is a subtle difference when executable bit is a part of the umask.
And at least some versions (Debian/stretch) fail if the resulting mode
would've been different if not for the umask setting.

Fixes #998.

Although, with such chmods/umasks it is likely that some package installation
will break anyway. But I'll leave it until somebody complains.

Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
5 years ago
archlinux Use 'chmod a-x' instead of 'chmod -x' 5 years ago
common-scripts Add the ability to run some but not all samples in docker 5 years ago
gentoo-amd64 Use 'chmod a-x' instead of 'chmod -x' 5 years ago Use 'chmod a-x' instead of 'chmod -x' 5 years ago