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Alexey Neyman 40d5bf6440 Add moxiebox as a choice for libc
This required some rework of the libc selection, as moxiebox is a layer on
top of another libc - newlib.

Also, moxiebox'es host VM (`sandbox`) needs a libcrypto on the host. We will
not have it if we're cross-compiling a canadian cross. Fortunately, all moxiebox
needs from libcrypto is SHA256, and it already includes a standalone implementation
of SHA256 in its runtime. Provide a little wrapper that allows moxiebox use
that implementation for the host binary, too.

Also, automate collecting/printing the list of all packages in a given category
(e.g. LIBC or COMP_TOOLS), generate a list of all Kconfig symbols for a given

Signed-off-by: Alexey Neyman <>
5 years ago
README Add a release creation script 7 years ago Include testing/ into the release. 5 years ago User manual installation 6 years ago
git-version-gen Abbreviate to 7 characters when building out of git 5 years ago
kconfig-choice.template Add moxiebox as a choice for libc 5 years ago
kconfig-menu.template Add moxiebox as a choice for libc 5 years ago
kconfig-versions.template Make patch order overridable by individual packages 5 years ago Update packages: automake, isl, linux, mpfr, musl, newlib, strace, uClibc-ng 6 years ago
package-versions.template Add "postprocessing" to substituted variables 6 years ago


These scripts are not of much interest to the end user.
They are used to automate everyday maintenance tasks for crosstool-NG. As such,
they are not subject to the same level of portability requirements - they can
expect to be run on a fairly modern Linux distribution, with bash, GNU sed and
grep, etc.