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Bryan Hundven 4c6c7fdea0 Merge pull request #200 from stilor/arm-unwind-uclibc
Fix link error in arm/uclibc with GCC 5.x
8 years ago
ELFkickers/2.0a Add the first tool facility: sstrip. 16 years ago
binutils Adding patches for binutils version 2.25.1 as copy of 2.25. 8 years ago
cloog-ppl complibs/cloog: fix linking with libm 12 years ago
cygwin/1.5.15-1 Third go at renaming patches to contain neither the package name nor the package version. 15 years ago
dmalloc/5.5.2 Fourth step at renaming patches: renumber all patches with a 10-step. 15 years ago
duma [debug-duma] Add latest versions 14 years ago
gcc gcc/patches: fix linux-unwind.h siginfo incomplete type 8 years ago
gdb gdb-7.10 upstream fix for build problems if CT_GDB_NATIVE=y 8 years ago
glibc Pick up a fix for glibc-2.22 on sparc32. 8 years ago
gmp complibs/gmp: fix patch against 5.0.1 13 years ago
libelf complibs: update versions 13 years ago
linux/3.0.9 kernel/linux: missed porting the 3.0.8 patchset to 3.0.9 12 years ago
ltrace ltrace: Sync ltrace patches with debian 8 years ago
mpc/0.8.1 complibs/mpc: fix MPC 0.8.1 build with MPFR 3.0.0 13 years ago
mpfr complibs/mpfr: add upstream patches 14 years ago
musl libc/musl: Remove 1.0.3 and 1.1.3. Add 1.0.4. 9 years ago
ncurses/5.9 ncurses: Add gcc5 build patch 8 years ago
newlib newlib/patch: Add eabihf patch 8 years ago
ppl complibs/ppl: Fix build of ppl 0.11.2 with gcc 4.9 9 years ago
strace strace: Add strace-4.10 patches from debian 8 years ago
uClibc Fix arm/uclibc; see the description in the patch. 8 years ago