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Jasmin Jessich 3bd86362ab Using "all" and "install" targets in do_gcc_core_backend if configured.
- New configurations:
    Use the default targets "all" and "install" for the final compiler for
    bare metal.
- Adding parameter "build_step" to function do_gcc_core_backend:
  do_gcc_core_backend is used for the core compiler and in case of bare metal
  for the final compiler, too. To have better control over the parameters for
  the final compiler "build_step" is used.
  - Used for proper logging.
  - If CT_CC_GCC_TARGET_FINAL is set and the final compiler is build then the
    make targets for the final compiler are used ("all", "install").

  Signed-off-by: Jasmin Jessich <>
8 years ago
arch avr: add support for AVR 8-bit architecture 8 years ago
binutils scripts/*/*.sh: prioritize http downloads 9 years ago
cc Using "all" and "install" targets in do_gcc_core_backend if configured. 8 years ago
companion_libs Added new config ISL_V_0_14_or_later and ISL_V_0_12_or_later to select 8 years ago
companion_tools comptools/make: Install 'gmake' symlink 9 years ago
debug gdb: Update for multiple compilers 8 years ago
kernel kernel: Update kernel versions 9 years ago
libc Added additional newlib specific target flags with new option 8 years ago
test_suite test_suite: Update gcc test_suite for multiple compilers 8 years ago multi_cc: Prepare ct-ng for multiple compilers 8 years ago complibs: introduce generic multi-complibs infrastructure 11 years ago companion_tools/autoconf: add autoconf tool 14 years ago Simplify the Tools and Debug facilities menu entries: 15 years ago scripts: Update crosstool-NG internals for multiple compilers. 8 years ago test-suite: Added new test suite feature (experimental) 14 years ago