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Bryan Hundven 25df7f9bf4 Merge pull request #205 from jasmin-j/add_gcc_build_step
Using "all" and "install" targets in do_gcc_core_backend if configured
8 years ago
arch avr: add support for AVR 8-bit architecture 8 years ago
binutils Merge pull request #166 from jasmin-j/binutils_custom_version 8 years ago
cc Using "all" and "install" targets in do_gcc_core_backend if configured. 8 years ago
companion_libs Remove isl 0.15, because it will not compile with gcc 5.2.0 without patching gcc. 8 years ago
debug Remove CC_GDB_CUSTOM from the version choice. 8 years ago
global Revert the automated build option 8 years ago
kernel config/linux: Add 4.2 and update stable versions 8 years ago
libc Added additional newlib specific target flags with new option 8 years ago
.gitignore repository: migrate old hg files over to git 9 years ago kconfig: Update kconfig. Sync with Linux-4.2 8 years ago binutils: cleanup ELF/FLAT/FDPIC dependencies 11 years ago config: Add config support for multiple compilers 8 years ago complibs/cloog: add support for the ISL backend 10 years ago comptools/make: Install 'gmake' symlink 9 years ago config: switch cc with libc in the config order 9 years ago all: fix wildcard to work with make-4.x 9 years ago config: fix style issues when source-ing files 13 years ago Fix tristate Kconfig options 8 years ago libc/mingw: replace mingw32 with generic mingw 11 years ago Fix for issue #147: 8 years ago avr: add support for AVR 8-bit architecture 8 years ago all: unmark experimental features 11 years ago avr-libc: add support for avr-libc C library 8 years ago