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django-airspace is my first django application. It is also my first real GIS application => there may be some newbie errors :)

A demo is available at
The API is available under

This is still an early stage demo...

It is intended to handle airspaces, in particular for paraglider/hangglider pilots, but it may be useful for others kinds of pilots.

The short goal is to be able to display/search airspaces from a webpage. It should also be possible to upload a flight track and
check that it complying with the rules :D

The application is build so that it can be used from other software/webpage:
- json interface to query the database (from an android app for example)
- display zone as overlays in others GIS webpage

As a futur goal, anything is possible. But the more likely features that would come:
- map generation (using mapnik) with openstreetmap base layer. Useful for clubs, competition, events, ...
- ... ?
- export data as OpenAIR, kml, shp, ... ?
- be able to inject data more easily (currently using my OpenAIR to Shapefile converter)
- take airspaces from outside france
- versioning of spaces. Airspaces are changing very frequently and keeping only one version is not possible (validating a flight from 2 weeks ago does not make sense for example as you don't know what were the zones at that time)

It could also be possible to handle something else than airspaces (thermals map ? Then it could be possible to query a thermal database during a flight).